Mayoral Vision

The coolest city in the world

My vision for Auckland is that, now and in the future, it will be:
  • environmentally Sustainable
  • economically Successful 
  • socially and culturally Enjoyable.  

What's this about?

The Mayor of Auckland has a specific role, set out in section 9 of the Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009, which is to: (a) articulate and promote a vision for Auckland; and (b) provide leadership for the purpose of achieving objectives that will contribute to that vision.
  • Enjoyment: people want to live enjoyable lives: having a sense of well-being, the ability to celebrating their culture and achieve their personal goals. Auckland Council has significant responsibilities for public health and public safety, civil defence and emergency management, supporting for cultural and sporting events, and looking after parks, beaches and other public spaces where people can gather and enjoy life.
  • Success: economic success means thriving businesses, plenty of well-paid jobs, education and training opportunities.  Auckland Council supports economic success by providing essential infrastructure - especially roads, public transport, water, sewage and waste disposal.  The council can help business by "getting out of the way" - ensuring that business activities are regulated fairly, consistently, effectively and cheaply.
  • Sustainability:   Auckland has beautiful clean green harbours, beaches, parks and islands, which contribute to our enjoyment of life. In the longer term, a successful economy relies on the sustainable use of natural resources, and we must face up to the reality of climate change and the diminishing global oil supplies, if we are to protect our way of life and thrive in the future.

How will I do it?

The Mayor's job is not to impose a personal vision on the people of Auckland. It is to draw forth, from Auckland's diverse communities and interest groups, a common vision of who we want to be, and then bring together a coalition of willing partners who will bring that vision to life.

Before Auckland Council came along, I worked in the Strategy and Policy unit at Manukau City Council. Our job was to be the guardians of Tomorrow's Manukau - Manukau Apopo, which was the strategy for delivering Manukau City's vision for itself (Proud, Progressive and Prosperous)

That vision and planning process was inclusive: it involved working closely with communities, the business sector and government agencies to identify common priorities and develop coordinated plans of action.  

And that is how I see my role as Mayor: as a facilitator and champion of a joined-up, participatory approach to designing and delivering the city you want. 

The Auckland Plan

Auckland Council has already developed the Auckland Plan. This is a comprehensive and well-developed strategy, based on Tomorrow's Manukau and the other city strategies that had been developed by Auckland's councils before the "super-city" was created.

I don't want to reinvent or review the Auckland Plan. I intend to treat it as a "living document", which means:
  • Keeping a clear, strong focus delivering what's already in the Plan; 
  • Focusing on a few key priorities at a time, to make sure they get done;
  • Constantly checking on progress, ticking off the goals and objectives as they are achieved, and
  • Regularly reviewing the Plan, updating it and adapting it to changing circumstances.