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Transport Funding

An Agreed Transport Plan

Establish a joint process, between Auckland Council and the government, to agree on the timing, priority and funding of major transport projects in Auckland - such as the City Rail Loop.

What this is about:

The Council and government have had differing priorities for funding major transport projects in Auckland, most notably over how soon the City Rail Loop will be started.  

Council has been eager to proceed with the rail loop before government funding has been made available; it has increased rates and debt to fund the project - much to the dissatisfaction of many Auckland ratepayers.

Auckland's current and predicted rapid growth will require more large-scale transport (and other infrastructure) projects to be completed over coming years.  The council cannot continue to swim against the tide of government's priorities, and the government would, surely, do well to make decisions informed by input from the council.

The Auckland "super city" was created so that Auckland can speak to government with one voice. But this needs to be a two-way discussion, and we lack a formally established place where those conversations can happen.

How to do it:

Sections 30 and 30A in Schedule 7 of the Local Government Act 2002 allow a council to form Joint Committees with other local authorities and public bodies.

I propose that Auckland Council approach the Minister of Transport with an invitation to form a Joint Committee to agree on transport infrastructure funding and priorities for Auckland. 

The committee would have the powers of a Cabinet Committee (from the Government side) and a Council committee (from the Auckland side).  It would not have delegated decision-making powers, but would make recommendations jointly to Cabinet and to the council's Governing Body.