My vision for Auckland:

The coolest city in the world:
  • Sustainably cool 
  • Successfully cool
  • Enjoyably cool

I'm into policies, not politics.  

I want to serve the people of Auckland as your Mayor. 

I know how the "machinery of government" works, and how to work it, because I've been a public servant for more than 25 years, including 10 years experience of local government at Manukau City Council and Auckland Council.  

Now I want to serve the people of Auckland in a different capacity - as the Mayor of Auckland.

I am independent of all political parties. I used to be with the Greens; now I am eager to work co-operatively with the current government, and any future government, to develop Auckland in a way that achieves your expectations and aspirations.

Please use the menu to read my Vision for Auckland and my Proposals, and to make contact if you wish to support my campaign for the mayoralty.

18 November 2015