David Hay
for council – Howick Ward


  • Connector.


    I’ve worked for 25 years in government, including ten years in at Manukau City Council and Auckland Council. I know how the machinery of government works, and how to make it work for Auckland.

  • Connector.


    Not affiliated with any political party. I will work with all members of the council, to deliver what Auckland’s citizens want.

  • Connector.


    I am an Aucklander: born, raised and educated here.
    I know and love this city – as it once was, and what it has become.
    And I have a vision for what it could be.

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cool* Auckland

*carbon zero by 2060, or sooner.

My vision:

Auckland will be a net zero emitter of greenhouse gasses by 2060.
Or sooner – because 2060 is not an aspirational goal, it’s a deadline.


“If the human species is going to deal with climate change effectively:
There’s no they, it must be us: everybody in the world.
There’s no there, it must be here: everywhere in the world
There’s no later, it must be now: we have no time to lose.

David Hay – 2016

The cool* Auckland Plan

My core policy is to review and revise the Auckland Plan: to put emissions reduction at the front and centre of council decision making for the next 40 years.

The current Auckland Plan sets a goal of reducing total carbon emissions (from 1990 levels) by 40% in 2040, and then 50% in 2050. That’s pretty cool.

But I want to make it much cooler: zero emissions by 2060.

Auckland Council has a Carbon Action Plan to achieve its emissions reduction goals. It’s a good plan, and lots of good work is being done.

I want to do more, do it faster, and get there sooner.



Auckland will deal with the effects of climate change, and do all we can to stop it getting worse.

Auckland Council will plan for land use, and build infrastructure, with the needs of future generations in mind.

We will reduce, re-use and recycle waste products. We will continue to protect our beautiful harbours, and develop parks and reserves. 



Auckland will have a “super city” council that’s effective, efficient, and easy to deal with.

I will focus on improving the council’s performance: reducing the cost of doing business with council and being responsive to community needs.

The council will be more efficient, more transparent, more democratic and more business-friendly.


Auckland is now, and will always be, among the best places in the world to live: safe, healthy, fulfilling and fun.

The Auckland Council will provide or support all the good stuff: public parks, beaches, libraries, swimming pools, arts and events, sports and leisure facilities.

And the council will keep on looking after you: providing excellent public health, safety, civil defence and emergency management services. 

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Realistically, political campaigns need money to succeed.

The Local Electoral Act (section 111, 1A) says a mayoral candidate in Auckland can spend up to $100,000, plus 50 cents for each elector in Auckland.

In 2016, that’s about $667,000!

Competing effectively against other candidates could cost quite a bit of. I would need:

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